Saturday, April 10, 2010

Traveling WIlburys

The Traveling Wilburys is a fantastic super group that people often forget about. Although not on the same level as Cream of Blind Faith it still is in the conversation when people talk about super groups. The reason why this supper group is so important is because of the amount of amazing song writers that are involved. This includes Jeff Lynne from ELO, Roy Orbison, George Harrison of Beatles fame, Tom Petty and of course Bob Dylan. Unfortunately the band was only able to put together two albums due to the death of band mate Roy Orbison. The story of how they came together is very interesting. It so happens that Lynne and Orbison were meeting Harrison at Dylan’s home studio to record a track for Harrison’s new album. The entrance of Petty into the group was completely by chance as Harrison had left his guitar at Petty’s house earlier. The five of them enjoyed working together so much that they decided to make an album together. The first album The Traveling Wilburys: Volume One was meet with great response, included two number two hits “End of the Line” and “Handle with Care” and would go one to win the Grammy for Best Rock Performance by a Group of Duo in 1989. “Handle with Care” was the song the originally intended for Harrison’s Album and “End of the Line” is a great song in which everyone gets a verse except Petty, who sings the chorus, and Dylan who sings in harmony. After the death of Orbison they did try to release a new Album, purposely called The Traveling Wilburys: Volume Three but was not as big as a hit and hence the end of the short lived super group.

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