Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beyond Here Lies Nothing

For those who enjoy Dylan’s most recent studio album Together Through Life and its single “Beyond Here Lies Nothing” should check out the music video. It is nothing if not exciting and maybe even a little disturbing. The video starts out with a man walking into his motel room pouring himself a class of whiskey. He goes to enter a room and is then attacked by a woman. The man is seedy looking as is the hotel so your not exactly sure what is going, but your hoping the chick wins the fight. She gets thrown into a TV and then gets dragged into another room, but she comes up with a knife and stabs the man as he is seemingly is about to prepare some sort of drug involving a needle, weather it is heroine, crack, or some type of sedative is unknown. She stabs him runs away to a car and takes off, only to reverse and hit him with the car. Right there you feel happy for her she is going to be ok but then she gets out walks up to him and kissed him. You are sitting there wondering what the hell just happened. Which in its one way works perfectly for Dylan. Seeing that is the way you feel after some of his music and some of the things that he has said in the past. The video does represent the song, it is about a love for each other that is the only thing that is important, “beyond here lies nothing, but the moon and stars”, there love is the only thing keeping them together, it is their only option.

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