Thursday, April 1, 2010


Dylan’s music is everywhere once again. The other day I was in the other room of my apartment when I heard Forever Young coming from the TV. I walked into the room to see what was on. To my surprise the song was being used for a theme song for a new TV show. The show is called Parenthood; it is on NBC on Monday at 9 pm. Being the weirdo that I am I decided to watch the show just because the opening song was a Dylan song. It turned out to be pretty interesting so I looked up so info on the show. I found out that it is based off a Ron Howard movie by the same name. The show is all about the troubles of raising a family on all levels. It follows a family of four siblings, their children as well as their parents. The show covers just about every topic imaginable from divorce to masturbation and everything in between. The show has actually become one of my new favorite show and I have since not missed an episode. In a matter of fact I saw that the movie, which was made in 1989 a year after I was born, was on so I watched in and liked it. It is amazing what Dylan can lead me to, just because of a song that was an intro into a TV show made me want to sit down and watch it and I am glad that I did. Now I’m not saying that I like the show because of the song, but hearing that song made me give it a chance, which in the long run I am glad that I did.

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