Thursday, April 29, 2010

The End

Well it seems my time on this website will be done. I most likely will not return to blog on this site anymore due to my finalization of my school project. At times this was a chore, but others it was good to talk about someone who changed my life so much. If it was not for this man I do not what music I would be listing to, if I would just go with the crowd like everyone else my age. I know it is not unusual to find a Dylan fan at the age of 21, but I don’t hang out with many of them. Just a handful of people I know like him, many respect him as a musician, but the majority of the people I hang out with just really don’t care for him. I have always tried to get them to listen and would use his importance as a reason why they had to listen but it never really worked. I get through half a song before someone complains and makes me turn it off. They tell me they get the fact that he had done great things for music but it doesn’t make them like him anymore. So over the past three months I’m sure that my friends are happy that I have been doing this website because I no longer bother them with stories of Dylan, instead I just get to tell them hear. Well that time is over so I hope my friends are ready for my rant and raves of Dylan.

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