Monday, April 5, 2010

Pat Garrett

When I was thinking about the song “knocking on Heavens’ Door” I could not help but think how well that song goes with the scene in the movie. I know yesterday I said that it was one of the most touching scenes of the movie but it really is true, it almost brings a tear to my eye. The scene opens with Garret coming to get help from a sheriff and his wife whom he calls mama. They went down to try to find Billy and come across a shoot out. The sheriff, played by Slim Pickens is mortal injured in the battle in which the music starts. As Garrett finishes out the gun Battle Sheriff Baker staggers toward a near by pond, in which he sits a stone. Looking over the waterfront as the sun begins to set and he looks over to his wife and the line “takes this badge off of me” is said. Pickens just sits their with a look of confusion on his face as he realizes that his time is done as the music continues not much changes in the scene until it is eventually flashed forward. There is another version of the movie that is just as powerful. The kid walks into a room thinking that his woman is there and it turns out to be Garrett. Garrett shoots him before the Kid even knows what happened and again the sun sets as the Kid meets his final demise. The movie is a favorite of mine and that is just one touching scene among a bunch of great fight scenes and witty comments.

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