Friday, April 2, 2010

Desolation Row

The other day I was in the car with a friend of mine and then all of a sudden a song came on the radio that caught my ear. It was the song Desolation Row the only thing was that it wasn’t by Dylan; it was by a band called My Chemical Romance. Apparently the song was created for the movie Watchman that came out over a year ago. When I told my song that it was a Dylan cover they were shocked. She said that the song was one of her new favorites and that she had no idea. Now the song itself is ok it is only two and half minutes taking only a portion of the song. It is a rock song, some would consider it almost pop punk, and it is loud, fast, and screamed. It obviously isn’t the best Dylan cover but I’m sure it is not the worst. The one thing that I like about the song is that it helps get Dylan music out to a younger generation. Even though I am only 22, young I know, but this band reaches out to people in grade school. It is important that people get into Dylan’s music young so they can have a strong base for his music when everyone else is listing to the newest pop song. I looked up an interview about the band and they said that they were huge fans of Dylan and that he was a big influence on them something I found shocking seeing that their music is very different from Dylan’s. If there is one thing I like to see it is Dylan across many ages.

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