Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dylan Covers

The other day I did a post on a new Dylan cover by My Chemical Romance. It got me thinking about other Dylan covers. There have been hundreds of Dylan covers and some of them are pretty good, some even think well than the original (I would disagree). I was listing them in my head and I must say that there have been some very good ones so I thought I would do a quick list on the most known Dylan covers out there. This is not an extensive list, Dave Matthews, the Dead, Johnny Cash have all had great covers but when I think of Dylan covers their three songs that come to my mind almost immediately.

3. “Mr. Tambourine Man”- The Byrd’s: The Byrds have been known for their multiply covers of Dylan songs, but this seems to be the most popular. I must say when I hear this song on the radio I think I am just as likely if not more likely to hear the Byrds version of Dylan’s. Although I do think it is a good song I don’t really think that it is better than the Dylan version.

2. “Knocking on Heavens’ Door”-Guns n Roses: A great cover of the song that Dylan wrote for his 1974 movie Pat Garret and Billy The Kid a western about the cat and mouse game played between Garret and the Kid. A fantastic song and the moment it is played in the movie are actually a touching scene and one of my favorites of the movie. This version is a little longer, and one I enjoy but again have nothing on the original.

1. “All Along the Watchtower”- Jimi Hendrix: Not much I can say about this song that hasn’t been said before. An amazing cover with amazing guitar and drums on it. Hendrix knows this song there are many out there who don’t even known that Dylan did the orginal. Easily the best cover, and although I like the Dylan version better this is a very close second. I can listen to either or depending on my mood and I never gets sick of either of them,

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