Thursday, April 8, 2010

Perfect Dinner Guest

People have often asked me if I could have dinner with any one person alive or dead my answer always seems to be the same. Bob Dylan. I don’t knot what it is about this man but he has always caught my eye. His life has been nothing but a conundrum and it has consitelantly intrigued me. Many of my friends are often confused by this. They know what a huge Dylan fan I am but they also know what a huge history buff I am. Many people I know would think that I would say someone like Genghis Khan JFK or Jimmy Hoffa. The truth is as much as those are some of my favorite historical figures and as much mystery there is surrounding their lives I can’t help but want to pick Dylan’s mind. He has done so much for music in his career and affected so many others there are just so much I want to know. The only problem is that I am not even sure if I could get him to talk if I had the chance. Many use the word open book to describe people, well Dylan is a closed book, and the only problem is that he is an encyclopedia. He has so much knowledge and I just would like to hear. I know he has written books and I have read many of them, and although they have great information I would just puffers to ask the question I want to. There are so many things I would want to know I don’t even know if he could answer them. But yeah if had a pick of anyone to spend a day with eat dinner all that jazz it is no doubt Bob Dylan.

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